Social Capital

20131019_060850The concept of social capital has gained significant ground as a means of enhancing overall quality and effectiveness specially those that involve large scale community action. Many organizations have designed practical constructs to make the idea feasible. World Bank, for example, developed Social Capital Implementation framework (SCIF). This was designed to access how social capital could be made use of in operations.

For social capital to be practically feasible it can be broken down into 5 elements both at practical and operational level. They are

  1. Groups and Networks
  2. Trust and Solidarity
  3. Collective action and Cooperation
  4. Social Cohesion and Inclusion
  5. Information and Communication

These elements are important to the development of social capital and provide guidelines in the area at various levels of operation. By effectively breaking down into these 5 layers, each one can be administered separately and incorporated into operations.



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