Political Integrity?

som93The importance of being politically informed

1) Social movements and government policy on efforts

2) The recognition of decision-making processes of policymakers

3)  The recognition that stakeholders can add significant value to these processes

4) Using policy dialogues to support evidence-informed policymaking

5) Outputs produced and follow-up activities undertaken to support action

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Leveraged non-profit ventures 

“The entrepreneur sets up a non-profit organization to drive the adoption of an innovation . In doing so, the entrepreneur engages a cross section of society, including private and public organizations, to drive forward the innovation through a multiplier effect. Leveraged non-profit ventures continuously depend on outside philanthropic funding, but their longer term sustainability is often enhanced given that the partners have a vested interest in the continuation of the venture”.

ref. http://www.schwabfound.org/content/what-social-entrepreneur