To whom it may concern!



We noticed that you work towards helping young adults and providing them with the necessary

Means for creating a better future for them. We are glad to know that more and more

Attention is given to this segment of our society. Although it can be challenging to find ways to

Prevent younger generations from going down wrongful paths in life; we believe in doing something now.

How to guide them forward.


This is the reason why we started Project Neo-Gallery, a project consisting of different parts branching

Towards various directions focusing on a broader set of aspects.


Our intent is to work in a preventive manner and make sure to stop the problem before it develops through education. Plant the seed early on and help it grow into the need to actually strive towards a brighter future.


However, we are aware of the fact that some individuals still tend to follow their own ways and we have therefore mapped out different actions that can be used for these young adults.


Our focus lies within education, provided means for heightened work experience and guidance that leads to personal growth and development. These three factors are essential in helping young adults get a basic foundation to stand on and then slowly move forward to becoming responsible adults included within society and businesses.


We want to create a milieu where individuals, organizations and public actors can have open discussions and meaningful exchanges. Our goal is to help people connect and build lasting networks with personal contacts and work opportunities.


Project Neo Gallery is a first step towards assembling a long lasting solution for the high unemployment rate that has been a reality the past few years due to the economic crisis.

This in turn will help reduce the exclusion of young adults from society and also prevent them from going down wrong paths that lead to criminal activities.

Society and organizations benefit by building a stronger and more stable future generation workforce that will add to the economy and drive exchanges and business forward.

We truly look forward to discussing these matters with you in greater detail and get the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas.

We understand that you might have questions about our organization and how we work,

And we would like to clarify a few things in greater detail.

You asked us if this is a non-profit organization, and the answer is that Neo Gallery is consisting of different parts.

Yes, we do exist as a non-profit organization and this is for the activities that involve municipalities and societal organs/public actors.

However, we also work with direct business and marketing communication.

The first section of this organization, we study information, data, regarding, the shape that our society are in, we then makes surveys, analysis and produces reports that we can use as a base for our development of Neo Gallery. This part is called Project “Neo Gallery” and is the non-profit organization connected to Neo Gallery.

The second part, the one that focuses on direct business and marketing, we then use these reports and material to develop our solution for the high unemployment rate for young adults. The idea is to facilitate the use of Neo Gallery, embodying a “gap filling” facility, as a practical tool and then spread this tool to different municipalities, organizations that includes or work with young adults,

Tomorrow’s consumers, this will be done as a franchise concept so as to maintain a high quality of the Neo Gallery service/tool and make sure that it is used correct and in the fashion it was created.

At Neo Gallery, practical skills, educational and business sense will be combined.

Bear in mind that this is a highly relevant and current matter and a subject directly connected to economic growth and business development. If these young adults remain outside of the work force the consequences affecting our society and economy will be great and more difficult to solve.


Social enterprise

20131113_125558 (1)

Advantages of a social enterprise that are entrepreneur specific like:

  1. Social entrepreneurs find it easier to raise capital. There are huge incentives and schemes from the government for the same. since the investment industry here is ethical, it is easier to raise capital at below market rates
  2. Marketing and promotion for these organisations is also very easy. Since a social problem is being tackled with a solution, it is easier to attract attention of the people and media. The degree of publicity often depends on the degree of uniqueness of the solution. 
  3. It is easier to garner support from likeminded individuals since there is a social side to the enterprise. It is also easier to get people onboard at lower salaries than compared to other industry.

Similarly there are advantages that are specific to the environment, society and the people concerned. Some of them are as under:

  1. Services in whichever section they may be offered are customized better to suit the needs of the individual or the problem. This is also designed in harmony with all other systems like the environment, society or the people. 
  2. Cost effectiveness is another advantage of a social enterprise. The solutions offered by these organisations in the form of either products or services are reasonable than compared to the same service provided by a profit making organisation. No wonder basc amenities like healthcare, education etc have become very affordable to people world over with the help of these institutions. Micro finance, for example, today caters not to the poor but to the poorest!


“What Is a Bitter Person?”

“A bitter person is a person without inner peace and full of so much resentment. An individual gets bitter, because of anger, judgment, condemnation and unfulfilled expectations. Also, uncontrolled bitterness yields, insensitivity, ingratitude, and depression”.