Advantages of Social Enterprises

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Since social enterprises typically deal with people who live at the bottom of the pyramid, therefore they are the ones who are benefited to benefit hugely from the former. In other words social enterprises are beneficial to the poor, generally by providing them with a means of livelihood.

Since social enterprises do not work typically the way corporate setups or private firms work, they offer flexible working environment which is as per the liking of many people groups. This employment may be both short term and long term in nature or it may specially targeted to a specific workgroup or a geographic community or to people with disabilities.

Although lots of organisations have also made corporate social responsibility an integral part of their business functioning but not many actually mean to create a difference. It is just a means to achieve more profits; there is an increasing need to watch out for the same and help and advocate those who really aim to add value.


Ungdomsstyrelsen anser inte att unga vuxna i Utanförskap är att vara i minioritet

Coat of arms of the municipality of Stockholm,...

Coat of arms of the municipality of Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Dnr 1843/13

c/o Kontor 14 HB
Månskärsvägen 9

Beslut om Jämställdhet bland nationella minoriteter 2013

Ungdomsstyrelsen har den 7 november 2013 beslutat att avvisa er ansökan.

Skälen för beslutet

Enligt regelverket för bidragsformen är organisationen inte behörig att få bidrag.

Bidraget kan endast sökas av nationella minoriteters egna organisationer.

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Beslutet har fattats av Fredrik Wikström, chef för enheten för organisationsstöd, efter föredragning av Helena Lundgren, handläggare.

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Walking The Distance

“A Social Entrepreneur”


“Achieves large scale, systemic and sustainable social change through a new invention, a different approach, a more rigorous application of known technologies or strategies, or a combination of these.

Focuses first and foremost on the social and/or ecological value creation and tries to optimize the financial value creation.

Innovates by finding a new product, a new service, or a new approach to a social problem.

Continuously refines and adapts approach in response to feedback”.


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