Social entrepreneurship – a new look at the people and the potential


“Considers the crucial role of private sector social entrepreneurship in the context of a state welfare system stretched beyond its means. Defines social entrepreneurship, recounts a number of key points from relevant research projects, reflects upon current developments and initiatives, describes a number of cases and uses these to draw a set of tentative conclusions about social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship in the context of the current government’s aim of fostering rapid growth in the sector. Concludes that while such growth is highly desirable, a number of hurdles have to be overcome”.




  1. Information and Communication

A poor person´s Diet…

Among people for building goodwill and sympathy among fellow members and to promote cooperation.


“The term social capital has been used in varied forms in various disciplines. World Bank, for example, uses it to define societal and economic development. Corporate pundits similarly use it to mean an approach of organisation development“.

Walking The Distance

About organizational models


Leveraged non-profit ventures 

“The entrepreneur sets up a non-profit organization to drive the adoption of an innovation . In doing so, the entrepreneur engages a cross section of society, including private and public organizations, to drive forward the innovation through a multiplier effect. Leveraged non-profit ventures continuously depend on outside philanthropic funding, but their longer term sustainability is often enhanced given that the partners have a vested interest in the continuation of the venture”.